Friday, December 31, 2010

Bumbo Review

December 31st.  Another year is expiring.  This was quite the eventful year for you; getting promoted, the birth of your daughter, and getting married.  With a new year comes the opportunity for new beginnings and the ubiquitous new year's resolutions.  Prosperity or poverty, forgiveness or grudges, victory or defeat.  What choices will define your new year?

The new year approaches with an ominous messenger.  Tornado watches are in effect for most of the tristate area.  Went to walmart this morning to grab some milk and it was like a war zone in there.  Most of the checkouts were open and at least five deep in line.  Luckily, a register opened up just as I got in the next line over.  That saved me at least ten minutes.

I'm working tonight and likely won't be home this year, so happy new year to everyone reading, and don't drink and drive.  I'd really hate it if you wrecked my car tonight.  And now, for the review!

Today I'm reviewing the highly-acclaimed Bumbo Baby Seat.  From the product description on Amazon:

Bumbo Baby Seat, Blue

"The Bumbo is designed for babies at that "in between" stage—not quite sitting up but strong enough to support their necks and be interested in everything around them. The seat—which is made from a single piece of material—has a round base, a slightly raised back, two leg openings, and "handles" cut into each side for easy carrying. This unique design allows infants (up to 22 pounds) without trunk control to sit upright on their own.

The Bumbo’s durable foam material offers a plethora of benefits. The low-density substance is designed according to how babies develop and is specifically molded to provide a safe and comfortable seat for their young posture. The non-toxic foam only requires a quick wipe down with a damp cloth when cleaning is needed. And due to the material’s light weight, portability is a snap—the Bumbo can go anywhere baby goes.

The Bumbo Sitter can be placed on any level surface to be used as a booster seat, feeding chair, and more. There are no straps or fasteners: it is designed to have baby's bottom slightly lower than the leg openings so that baby's weight is what actually holds them securely in the seat. The ability for parents to have their hands free for quick household tasks or to play with baby face to face makes this seat worth every penny."
 Kennedy used this seat when she was around fifteen pounds.  The weight guideline for the Bumbo seat is twenty-two pounds.  Unfortunately, the leg openings were not big enough for her legs and caused her discomfort when she sat in it.  When she moved too much, the seat nearly tipped over backwards.  After a couple of days, we took it back to the consignment store where we had originally purchased it.

If your baby has average sized or chunky legs, I highly suggest finding a way to try the seat before you buy one.

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  1. Alex loved his bumbo, but he was a skinny kid. I don't recall it tipping over more than once or twice, but that wasn't until he was getting too big for it.