Monday, January 3, 2011

15 Wild Months

As the new year begins, your daughter turns six months old.  This is a time for reflection, a time to think about where you were fifteen months ago, how far you've come, and how far is left to go.

Roughly fifteen months ago, my daughter was conceived.  In that short time I've learned more about raising children than during the previous twenty-four years of my life.  It's not always been easy or fun, but it has been gratifying.  It has given me more purpose in life than work and videogames.  Most people never thought I would be capable of being a good father, and sixteen months ago, I might have agreed.  My wife has helped me learn parenthood, and has been incredibly patient while overcoming my paternal ignorance.

During those fifteen months, I was transferred to another store and promoted, married my wife and became part of a family.  With more responsibilities at work and at home, there has been less time to do the things I did before.  My wife uses the Xbox more than I do, and I work every Saturday night, which was the night my friends and I had reserved for tabletop gaming.  It's certainly taken some adjustment, but I think I'm getting along pretty well.  I only have my father to compare myself to, and well, he wasn't there so I'm doing pretty good so far.

Kennedy has her first tooth, she can almost crawl, and very clearly said "da da" today.  My wife gets sad every time she reaches another month in age, at which point I generally remind her that before we know it Kennedy will be married with children of her own.  She generally hits me at that point.  She wouldn't hit me if she didn't know it were true.

As for the future, I'm sure it will come and go too quickly.  She will be saying real words soon enough, and walking, too.  Through it all, I'll be there for her with my wife, because I want her to have the family that I never had.

On a side note, we gave Kennedy a d10 tonight and let her play with it for a bit.  She grabbed the d10, waved it around a bit, and dropped it.  She rolled 9, 3, 5, 10, 10, 9.  Before I know it she'll be godmodding a character sheet.

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  1. And by the time Kennedy is grown up and ready to marry/have kids, I'm sure you and Karsey won't want to let your little girl go. XD I'm happy that this has been a great experience for you and Karsey! There's only more great things to come. I'm already learning things from reading this blog; it'll come in handy when when it's time for me to have kids. Keep up the great work!