Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We begin the day as you are playing with your daughter in her walker.  You receive a message from your brother-in-law, accosting you for a message you sent to the negligent mother.  This family, your wife included, has yet to see your temper flare.  The words you choose to reply with could lead you down a path in which you exhibit your great potential for anger to those uninitiated.  

I admit, last night I lost my cool a little bit.  Kennedy has an ear infection due to Negligent Mother's, well, negligence.  I found my breaking point last night after Kennedy spent fifteen minutes screaming and pulling at her ear, followed by a bout of croupy coughs.

I lost it.

Seeing my baby girl in such pain and discomfort sent me into a fit of outrage that my daughter was paying the price for someone else's carelessness.  All things considered, by the time I got to the computer to send the hateful message, it was much less hateful than I had originally intended.  Had Kennedy's fit occurred in the presence of Negligent Mother, I would not have held my tongue, and the things that get whispered behind her back would have been shouted in her face.

I'll write again tomorrow, err, later today with either a review of her walker she was playing in today, or the DC Comics trade paperback "Green Lantern: Blackest Night."  I hope to be able to write more positive posts once Kennedy starts feeling better.

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  1. Ear infections are common and terribly persistent at her age. We dealt with them until Alex was two almost every other month. There really was nothing we could do. They wanted to put tubes in his ears, because of how bad it was. Luckily he outgrew it and we made the right decision of just helping him bear and overcome it.

    There's always going to be some family member that you feel threatens your child. Sadly current judiciary precepts prevent seemingly justified actions.