Friday, April 8, 2011


Yesterday you found out that your wife was pregnant with your second child, and you experienced +5CHA for 24 hours afterward. Today, you found out that the first test had produced a false positive, and as such, you take a -5CHA penalty for the duration of the week. You may make a Will save (dc 20) to resist the penalty for one day.

So yeah, I'm sure many of you saw how excited my wife and I both were yesterday when her test came back positive. Allow me to provide some perspective as to why this was to have been such an amazing outcome. My wife unfortunately suffers from some potentially genetic disorders in relation to her reproductive system. The current plan involves a hysterectomy (either partial or full) after we have our second child. This will hopefully avoid some of the problems that other women in her family have had. The problem is, the longer it takes, the less likely it will be for her to get pregnant.

My job adds to the difficulty rating by keeping my away from my wife for at least forty-five hours each week. Much of the time I am home is spent watching Kennedy so my wife can either get housework done more easily, or get some sleep. Between both of our full time jobs, there is nary a time when we both have the energy, AND Kennedy is asleep. Its like playing Tetris and you only get one "I" block every 50 pieces.

After today's revelation, I reined in my extroverted demeanor in favor of my introverted nature. My more perceptive coworkers probably picked up on it if they were paying attention. Not that work tonight helped my mood at all. I've made a conscious effort to keep details of my day-to-day work events away from my blog, so suffice it to say, it was a bad night and most everyone was irritable. But, since there is a positive for every negative, I got a head start on some of my extra duties for the month, and had a delicious chocolate banana shake. I thought I was in trouble when the Frappes came out, but this new shake has me hooked and itching for another fix.

I'll end this one with a question to you, the reader. Have you experienced complications in getting pregnant, and if so, how did you overcome or deal with your situation?

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  1. My wife and I were married for years before we found out she was pregnant with our oldest daughter, Eslyn. Matter of fact, about 4 years to be exact. I was working a part time job in retail, going to college well over the max hours allowed, and working for the college as well.

    The only advice I can give you boyo, is the simple truth that you two be there for each other. Especially right now, cause experience suggest she might be blaming herself and feeling inadequate with her feminine capability. If you really want to try, all I can say there is to try, and try again, then try some more. Determine when she is ovulating and make any time you can. If you can put up with some tired-time during the day stay up, or get up early.

    We went for years thinking it would just never happen, and then all at once, *poof*. Then about a year later, along comes my son, Bryn. Then about 2 years ago we got Ashes, my youngest daughter, and my wife had to get her tubes tied due to her own medical complications. She also suffers from a plethora of problems.

    Always here if you need to talk mate, and trust me. You can handle this. You have the Iron Will feat, at least this DM has considered you to have it. And we both know if the DM says it's on your sheet, then...