Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2016 d20 Modern Campaign Primer (3/3)

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On that day, an SSA jet was shot down, resulting in fifty-one casualties aboard the plane, and twelve casualties on the ground when it crashed into an apartment complex.  The US was fingered for the attack, but claimed they had no jets in the sector at the time.  The SSA stated that Flight Voice Recorders salvaged from the wreckage incriminated the US.  Audio clips released to the media contained a recording of the pilot speaking to someone over his headset.  The pilot refused to land the plane, as commanded by the other pilot.  After several minutes of arguing, an explosion is heard.  There were a few tense seconds of silence, followed by the captain’s stoic announcement to the passengers that the plane had been attacked by a US jet, and that their chances of survival were slim.  

The audio from the crash served as a catalyst for many people in the US who had been contemplating defection.  Unofficial estimates place the total number of defections between 800,000 and 1,000,000.  The bulk came from along the SSA border, but it is believed that there were defectors from all of the states.

Fearing the loss of additional citizens (and tax revenue), the US government officially cut all ties to the SSA and “enthusiastically advised” their allies to do the same.  To their surprise, though, most nations opted to support the SSA, lauding their determination, resilience, and transparency.

The US was not pleased.  They responded to the global rejection by closing all borders with the SSA, Republic of California, Canada, and Mexico.  Troops that had been stationed overseas in the Middle East were brought home to guard the borders.  US relations with countries who support the SSA are strained, but in tact.  

Since the SSA jet incident, there have been no serious conflicts.  The atmosphere is still quite tense, and there are still protests against the US government.  This despite the new version of the Bill of Rights, which removes the freedoms of Free Speech, Press, and Assembly.  Freedom of Religion still exists, but can no longer be used to exempt anyone from laws or other regulations.  

The revolutions in the Middle East in 2011 and Africa and South America in 2014 helped to encourage the states that would eventually form the SSA.  In a similar manner, the Second American Revolution inspired action in even more countries.  The United Kingdom split into its individual countries of London, Wales, and Scotland.  Ireland and Northern Ireland have now united.  

Recently, a movement has been gaining traction pushing for world-unification via a one-world government.  The European Union and African Union have already begun talks with each other and the Middle East.  Asian nations have begun talks of unification, noticeably lacking North Korea.  Australia and Oceania are expected to join the Asian Union if it forms.

The Americas are largely anti-unification.  Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has forged strategic alliances with most of South America, creating what foreign-policy experts have dubbed the “South American Pseudo-Union.”  The US has drawn international criticism and comparisons to North Korea and Nazi Germany.

End Backstory

Campaign begins on September 12, 2016 just after the fifteen-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  Justin and Vincent were jailed yesterday for anti-government speech and resisting arrest.  Vincent was also charged with assaulting an officer.  Justin was sentenced to thirty days in the county jail, and Vincent was sentenced to three years in prison.  He will be transferred to the Kentucky State Penitentiary in ten days.

Everyone else, give me ideas of what you’ve been doing between present day and 2016.  

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